Superior Display Case Lighting for your Bakery

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Whether you are the owner of a bakery or the manager of a supermarket with a bakery department, you know that there are two things that catch the attention of potential clients. One is the delicious smell of the freshly baked goods and the other is the visual attraction of the products exhibited in bakery display cases.

With that in mind, take a moment to consider the effects that the lighting in your display cases has on your fresh bakery products. If you are using normal everyday bulbs, it is probable that you are compromising the freshness and quality of these goods which, as a result, eats into your profit margin.

How lighting impacts freshness and quality

The type of lighting you use in your bakery display cases plays a crucial role in your product’s freshness and quality. For example, if the bread you are selling looks yellowish and is hard, which are both effects of inferior lighting, your customers will not want to buy it.

Regular fluorescent lighting produces excessive heat and ultraviolet emissions, which leads to off-flavors and the discoloration of foods. Also, because the radiation emitted by regular lamps increases the temperature of the display case, the process of pathogen growth within your products is accelerated.

With regular lighting, the delicate cream fillings and icings that adorn your cakes and pastries will deteriorate faster and quickly lose their vibrant colors. This color distortion of icing and cakes will, invariably, represent dollar loss for the retailer.

As a bakery owner or manager, the best way to address these issues is by installing specialty lighting for your display cases such as Promolux food safe lighting. This specialized lighting for retail merchandisers reduces UV radiation and will protect the shelf life of your baked products.