Why Specialty Food Case Lighting Means a Better Consumer Experience for Your Bakery

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The influence of lighting cannot be underestimated, as it can impact on every aspect of a consumer retail experience. It can affect a customer’s perception of a brand and product as well as their direct purchasing decisions and personal mood when in the store. There is, accordingly, a strong indication that the factors related to overall in-store and bakery display cases lighting need to be taken into account at every stage of an upgrade or new construction process.

Specialist designers’ such as Promolux have the experience and awareness necessary in strategic and integrated design features, with the ability to co-operate with globally recognized brands. It is an essential criterion in the creation of not only consumer-friendly environments but, ensuring that brand identities and digital communications are all supported with technical expertise and designed strategy. Bakery lighting is one aspect that requires careful and knowledgeable planning, as its impact on your consumers and their reactions can have a positive or negative influence on your bottom line.

The aspect of lighting, whether you are illuminating an entrance or your bakery display cases, can have a highly significant influence in showcasing your store merchandise. In addition to enhancing determined points-of-sale, it contributes extensively to the overall store design. How, where and why you utilize the influences of specialty display lighting will help determine the difference between a successful store plan and layout, as opposed to one that is lacking consumer appeal and ineffective.

There are various factors to consider when planning for your bakery lighting. Specifically, the lighting in your bakery should:

  • Contribute to overall store enhancement and perception
  • Help attract customers into the store
  • Highlight your products, their color and overall visual attractiveness
  • Increase consumers purchasing desires with product enhancement
  • Provide for a more exciting and enjoyable consumer shopping experience

Although it is impossible to determine one particular factor in a single and successful store lighting formula that you as a retailer can follow, the guidelines stated above can form the foundation. However, to compete with or get ahead of the competition, there are various and associated aspects to consider.

Accent or emphasized lighting is an advantage that should be utilized to support your overall store product selection, such as assortment. If you wish to promote or offer special discounts on certain products, it would be market-wise to strategically use specialty accent lighting to showcase them. This type of emphasizing can be utilized with a significant effect for new products or those you believe need to be projected for special attention. The aim of accent lighting is to draw customer attention to a few products, as opposed to everything else in the store. It should, however, be used as necessary and to a degree that makes a consumer impact on products you have determined warrant this attention.

In a high traffic volume store selling many and varied products, specialty bakery display case lighting can attract attention to particular store areas, or product selection. A particular example of this strategy could be a relatively isolated section without appropriate or adequate lighting, but, it logically deserves as much attention as the remainder of your store.