Why to Have a Great Strategy for Retail Display Lighting in your Bakery

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As with any other aspect of marketing and promotions, a lighting strategy for a retail outlet such as a bakery also requires some careful consideration and a degree of experienced planning. One particular factor associated with it is that electing to take the cheapest route, while initially tempting, will not be cost effective in the long term. Always keep the factors of energy and overall cost effectiveness in mind during the planning stages. Another warning signal that you may see could relate to the latest store lighting craze, but don’t be tempted just because it’s currently in vogue.

Although it is recognized by many and is drawing significant attention, don’t simply follow the LED trend with blinkers on. It is essential that you determine your exact needs regarding key areas of your bakery such as the display cases. Therefore, conduct some research and ensure you seek expert advice from established lighting specialists, such as Promolux. Keep in mind that you will be making decisions that will affect not only consumers but also your brand image.

Your objective should be aimed at enhancing your retail outlet and the products you sell to the best possible advantage and utilizing only one type of lighting for your entire store will not be the best presentation. It is generally accepted that the product should have the greatest attention and, for this, you should use specialty bakery lighting. To achieve this, you need more than a general lighting plan, which is basically known as “ambient” lighting.

To gain the maximum advantage for your outlet and products, in addition to general lighting, accent illumination from the ceiling and high end specialty lighting for bakery display cases help in making displays more attractive and interesting, thereby arousing customer curiosity. Keep in mind at all times that the lighting in your bakery must complement the overall appearance. At the same time, as an owner, you should be susceptible to change. Consumers do not want the same old and worn shopping experience; therefore, make their journey through your store and interesting one for them and a profitable one for you.

Lighting for your retail outlet should be considered as an investment and therefore, before making a commitment, be aware of any potential complications, which could affect your lighting design, such as applicable restrictions on maximum wattage per square foot. This is where lighting design specialists like Promolux can be of great assistance in saving you time, money, and frustration. As with the rest of your store, the lighting facilities you install will require a certain degree of maintenance; for example, cleaning bakery display cases and replacing globes.

Your bakery display lighting plan is an integral and critical component of your business. It makes that all important difference to consumers and their shopping experience by creating an atmosphere and environment that enhances the quality of your products and brand image. By consulting lighting specialists, significant cost savings can be achieved as well as energy-efficient improvements. A further benefit is that because of continually improving equipment, your lighting facilities generally offer the highest return-on-investment related to major upgrading.