How to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Baked Goods

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One of the prerequisites of setting up a bakery business is attaining sound knowledge about the shelf life of foods. Since foods are perishable goods, your focus as an entrepreneur in the food industry should be to extend the shelf life of the foods that you are selling to your consumers. This requires plenty of research into the basics of food science and food preservation.

Food preservatives

As the owner or the person in charge of a bakery outlet, you will be frequently asked questions regarding the use of preservatives in your food. It is thus important for you to know what preservatives are and how to make the best use of them without compromising the hygiene of your baked goods and thereby incurring the wrath of health conscious consumers. The primary reason why preservatives are added to food is because they help maintain the appearance, edibility, flavor, texture and the nutritional value of your food. During the early days of your business operations, you cannot expect a massive influx of customers in your bakery outlet. Instant popularity in the community is something that is very hard to achieve in the bakery business. In other words, your baked goods will not be sold as soon as they are placed in the food display. In certain cases, the baked items may go unsold for hours at a time. Under these circumstances, you need to be able to figure out how preservatives can be used to retain the quality of your baked goods and increase their shelf life.

If you are unable to employ the required preservation techniques, you will end up throwing your spoiled food away which will amount to huge financial losses in the long run.

Types of preservatives

There are basically three types of preservatives that you can use to increase the shelf life of your baked goods that are contained within the bakery display case. The first type of preservatives impedes the growth of potentially dangerous microorganisms. The second type slows down or stops the oxidation reaction of fats, lipids and other components of your bakery selection. Lastly, you have the third type of preservatives which are used to decrease the rate at which fruits ripen. This is something that you will need since a lot of the modern day bakery items contain fruit or fruit jam as a topping.

Regardless of the type of preservatives you select, it imperative for you to ensure that you do not use chemicals or ingredients in food that jeopardize the health of your customers.

Using preservatives in combination with specialty retail lighting

The absence of preservatives is not the only thing which can rapidly decrease the quality of your baked goods. The use of ordinary display case lighting causes photo degradation of food which is something you need to avoid at all costs. You will be surprised to know how much money a bakery business can lose by overlooking the effects of inferior food display case lighting and by not using proper preservatives.

If you really want to extend the shelf life of your food, then never compromise on the quality of the preservatives used in your goods and never use ordinary lamps for your bakery display case lighting. Opt for special merchandising lamps such as Promolux food safe lighting.

How to Shop for Perfect Commercial Lighting for Your Bakery

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You’re finally setting up to open the bakery of your dreams but there are so many things to arrange. You need to find great employees, order stock, market your new business, and the list goes on. Searching for quality commercial lighting for your baked goods is the last thing that you want to be frantic about. Here is a short guide for you refer to in order to make your baked goods showcase lighting shopping a breeze.

Use lighting in your favor

Every new business wants to appeal to the masses. Drawing in new customers is a daunting challenge. With numerous other competitive cafes and bakeries in the industry, it is highly critical for your establishment to stand out from the others. Although lighting may seem like a minor facet, it can be a key component to the success of your business and your return on investment. Allow your company lighting to do some of the daunting work for you. Look for stunning and quality lighting with the ability to highlight the colors and textures of your baked goods, particularly in the display cases. Doing so will let your goods market themselves by drawing in curious pedestrians.

Achieve great bakery visuals through specialty lighting

As a bake chop owner, you should consider investing in bakery display case lighting that enhances the natural color of your goods and will allow them to appear their very best. Color, appearance, and how delectable your baked consumables appear is a primary deciding factor of how many people will stop and walk into your establishment. Due to a photochemical reaction, some bakery display lighting tends to distort the true colors of decorative cake and bakery displays, making icing and fruit toppings appear unappetizing. Use the lighting in your bakery display cases to visually heighten your goods by carefully researching and investing in a quality company that can guarantee colorful and clear display, without the distortion factor.

Beware of harmful effects on desserts caused by inferior lighting

The combination of oxygen and UV radiation from a typical bakery display case – which causes photochemical reactions – can also lead to other terrors that may offset the success of a new bakery. Decorative icing products that contain dairy ingredients are also susceptible to a chemical reaction sparked by light that causes whey proteins to degenerate and produce a foul burnt flavor. These chemical reactions can occur after just four hours of exposure to regular fluorescent lighting. In order to counteract this catastrophe, invest in a quality lighting company that has the technology to shield your baked goods, lowering the level of radiation that your consumables absorb. Promolux Lighting is a company that uses cutting edge technology to reduce the harmful effects of inferior display case lighting. Safely protected baked goods that are beautifully lit on display will get foot traffic through your door in no time!

Save money with energy efficient lighting

With a new start up bakery, not only is excitement underway; but so are the bills. Protect your brand new return on investment by trusting in the ability of a lighting manufacturer that cares about your cost of energy. Promolux Lighting is an example of a brand that is reputable and well functioning yet energy efficient. This will give the new business owner one less headache when the energy bill is due.

Use the commercial lighting of a reputable manufacturer to achieve a great overall visual of your establishment and goods to draw your new clientele in. Keep them coming back with the help of exceptional culinary visuals, achieved with the perfect lighting. Following these steps will assist your stressful yet potentially rewarding journey of opening and maintaining a successful bakery with the help of a highly overlooked yet significant detail: lighting.

Bakery Retail Shop Displays Make a Huge Difference

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Are you struggling to get your bakery business up and running? Have your business operations not flown smoothly ever since you opened the shop? Are you facing difficulty in making your baked goods appear attractive in front of potential customers? Then what you really need in your bakery outlet are high quality food display cases.

Understanding the customer’s psychology

As the owner of a bakery business, you need to pay attention to making your products look as tempting as possible. A lot of people may tell you that as long as the baked goods are delicious, you do not have to worry about how they look in the store. That is not true. Focusing only on producing delectable and scrumptious baked foods might please your kitchen staff and your loyal customers, but they will not be of much help in getting your business off to a flying start. To make the business work, you need to come up with clever ways to market your products and make them appear enticing to the eyes of the people who are passing by your store every single day. It is all about getting inside the mind of the customer and understanding the basic needs of the consumer.

The smell and the taste of baked goods

Most customers do not buy with their tongue, but rather with their eyes and their nose. This means that people will not generally purchase baked goods unless they look fantastic and smell great. As far as the aroma of your baked goods is concerned, that is something that you need to instruct your chief baker to work on. The looks department can be handled by you. To accentuate the visual appeal of your baked goods, the first thing that you need to do is get yourself some bakery display cases.

The purpose of a bakery display case


The bakery display case serves two very important purposes. The first reason to buy them is to improve the presentation of your baked goods. The beautiful layered shelving for display cases acts like a centerpiece for your bakery store. These cases take the aesthetic beauty of your baked goods up a notch and make them irresistible in the eyes of the consumers. For maximum effect, you need to align the baked items perfectly inside the bakery display case and make sure that the lighting is beautiful enough to highlight the finer details of your food.


The lighting brings us to the second purpose of a bakery display case, which is preservation. Did you know that your bakery display case lighting can actually have an impact on the quality of the food that is contained inside the case? In fact, the shelf life your baked goods can be extended or decreased depending on the kind of food display lighting you select.

Two types of bakery display lighting

Broadly speaking, there are two types of lighting that you can choose for your bakery display case. The first is ordinary showcase lighting and the second is specialty food safe lighting. Food safe lighting for your display case can often be found in the form of specialized merchandising lamps, such as those offered by Promolux Lighting.

How Basic Lighting Strategies Help Your Bakery

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The world of a bakery owner is becoming increasingly complicated and sophisticated as competing players strive to get that leading edge. It has resulted in more specializing, not only in marketing and sales strategies, but, also in relation to in-store promotions, of the products and of the store directly. Bakery lighting design is an aspect of enhancing stores and attracting consumers and is founded on the principle of basic light strategies having a significant influence on how we perceive our environment.

A further aspect related to how light can affect our lives is revealed by how it affects the way in which we view a space and even how we react within it. Lighting is an element that is capable of influencing performance, moods, morale, security and the decisions we make. In the case of a bakery, there is also the advantage of increased food safety from using Promolux specialty retail lighting.

The initial stage in the creation of an appropriate lighting design is the determination of how space will be used. Your lighting designer is then able to assess the required amount of light, quality of the color, its brightness and direction. It is a procedure that requires expertise and experience, but also one that can reap significant rewards for retail outlets such as bakeries. There are a various aspects associated with how an experienced and qualified professional approaches a retail lighting design.

One factor to be considered is that the lighting system will provide ambient illumination to meet orientation and generally needed tasks within the allocated space; taking into account needed illumination for localized and more demanding tasks. Accent illumination is designed to highlight particular objects or POS areas and attract consumers to them. An example of this part of the planning is the bakery display case lighting that you decide to install.

A general approach to lighting design is, having determined how a space will be utilized; the type of lighting plan that will best enhance the area will be reviewed. Usually, lighting provides a generally acceptable uniform light level across an illuminated space, whereas lighting that is localized, or supplemental, although similar in application, is designed towards defined objects in the lighted space.

Various research studies conducted have shown that consumers are primarily influenced by the color and appearance of an item they purchase. The degree to which this occurs has been estimated at up to 85% and why they prefer a particular brand of product to its competitor. However, the influence that can be exerted on consumer behavior patterns by color isn’t limited to the merchandise itself. During their shopping experience, the colors surrounding customers, can be greatly enhanced and influenced by a specialty bakery lighting design, which can also motivate their decision towards making a purchase.

Lighting is an important asset to any retail outlet, and especially a bakery, and impacts directly on the perception consumers have of your store windows and in-store presentation. The appropriate lighting design enables you to make crucial differences that will effectively attract new customers and help maintain existing ones.  In these highly volatile economic times; the bakery owner that has an established customer base is the winner.

Why to Use Specialized Lighting in Your Bakery

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One of the most difficult challenges for any retailer is the creation of a positive and comfortable experience for their consumers, from arrival to check-out. The proper utilization of retail lighting offers many and varied advantages to any type of retail outlet, irrespective of the merchandise being promoted. For example, it can help turn ordinary cakes and bread displays into appealing and desirable buying impulses.

There is a general misconception regarding how lighting display specialists like Promolux can, with the appropriate lighting, transform a normal shopping chore, into an anticipated experience for consumers. With the ability and resources available, lighting solutions can enhance, change and give your bakery a new identity and retail life. There is a variety of bakery lighting concepts available to retailers, which must be reviewed in order to achieve your ambitions by way of enhancing your customers’ environment and shopping experience.

Utilization of available space, product selection, and the lighting factor are primary considerations in a shopping experience. LED lighting (Light-Emitting Diode) is incorporated into a lamp, or a globe, in lighting fixtures. It is an innovation that has the capacity to change the usual, bland bakery display cases and their contents, into something special with consumer appeal. Lighting specialists such as Promolux have the knowledge and experience to provide the LED fixtures and lamps, designed to meet your specific application requirements, with customized, enhanced retail lighting solutions.

Specialized bakery lighting is capable of producing an enormous impact on retail outlets and, if structured correctly, it can be the influence between a successful, customer appealing business and one that is just ordinary. Various styles of lighting are able to create different shopping experiences for consumers, and to meet the simple, common goal for retailers of attracting customers. It is a formula that meets the objectives of the retailer and crucially, the consumer, by giving increased profits, stimulated with a great shopping experience.

Although it can be argued this is a position achievable by attractive marketing promotions, techniques, and discounts, these may be regarded as short-term sales strategies. For any business with long-term ambitions and sales growth, advantages for consumers must be foremost; for example, with bakery display case lighting.

Creative lighting has the power to provide definition and enhancement to an entire retail outlet, but it can also be a deterrent to potential customers by being dimly illuminated and forbidding. An appropriately lighted entrance alone arouses curiosity and encourages customers to enter. Various statistics show that, upon entering a store, consumers often direct their attention to the left, then right and proceed to navigate in a counter-clockwise direction. Awareness of consumers’ shopping habits is essential, as is bakery lighting, to make their shopping experience with you a convenient and enjoyable one.

With the appropriate lighting, an environment and atmosphere can be created that tempts customers to extend their stay in the store and even encourage impulse buying. Specialty retail lighting creates a pleasant, shopping ambiance in which customers can relax and be encouraged to browse, by well-illuminated product displays and shelving.

Some Popular Product Ideas for Your Bakery

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Promolux LED bakery display case lighting is the most convenient way to go when starting a bakery with varying products. LEDs are suitable for displaying baked items that include cakes, cookies, bread and other pastries. These lights enhance the display of the products while keeping them fresh for a prolonged period of time. In fact, customers are attracted to the bakery to make purchases by the fresh aroma perceived from outside your bakery and being met by the sight of irresistible fresh products. Bakery shops with freshly baked cakes, bread and cookies are likely to record increased sales compared to stores selling packed products with preservatives. Here are some popular bakery product ideas that you can use to create a shop full of fresh baked items.


Bread forms part of essential food for a breakfast meal in many households. Freshly baked bread is delicious and goes well with dairy products such as milk and sometimes eggs. Most buyers prefer soft fresh bread that they can prepare and serve in varying styles for a family breakfast. In order to increase sales in the bakery shop, make different sizes of standard loaves of bread and varying shapes of roll bread to meet customers’ needs. Baking different shapes and sizes of bread gives customers access to enough bread for a family breakfast, lunch pack and picnic pack idea. Once the varying types of bread are fully baked, display the big loaves on the display shelves, the small sized roll bread in display baskets while the medium sized bread is neatly arranged on the upper shelves of the display case. Ensure that the bread display baskets and cases are placed under Promolux specialty LED retail lighting to boost their appearance.


Introducing a section for pastries is a great idea that increases sales as customers keep coming for more. Pastries are baked products with added sweetness and flavor from butter, shortening, sugar and eggs. The flavor of the products in the pastry can be enhanced by adding finely cut dry pieces of fresh fruit in the mixture or as filling ingredients. When introducing a section for pastries in the bakery store it is advisable to invest in refrigerated display cases that keep the products fresh for long. For example, on one side of the upper display case shelves you can arrange the small sweet desserts and quiches on the other side. On the other shelves, you can neatly arrange the croissants, bagels and Danish pastries. To adequately showcase the products in the pastry section, use Promolux LED specialty display case lighting for pastries that extends the shelf life of perishable products.


A bakery shop without a section for special types of cakes loses out on greater sales. Life presents us with countless celebrations whose meaning is crowned by serving cakes. Venture in making sweet cupcakes with varying decorations, themed cakes for different celebrations and small sized cakes for individual consumption. Due to the use of milk, eggs and cheese in the case, it is advisable to display cakes in a refrigerated showcase. In the same way that Promolux’s LED lighting for fresh meat display cases does not change the color of the displayed meat, the specialty LED retail lighting used for decorated cakes prevent the fading of icing and other decorations while keeping cakes fresh for long.