How Basic Lighting Strategies Help Your Bakery

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The world of a bakery owner is becoming increasingly complicated and sophisticated as competing players strive to get that leading edge. It has resulted in more specializing, not only in marketing and sales strategies, but, also in relation to in-store promotions, of the products and of the store directly. Bakery lighting design is an aspect of enhancing stores and attracting consumers and is founded on the principle of basic light strategies having a significant influence on how we perceive our environment.

A further aspect related to how light can affect our lives is revealed by how it affects the way in which we view a space and even how we react within it. Lighting is an element that is capable of influencing performance, moods, morale, security and the decisions we make. In the case of a bakery, there is also the advantage of increased food safety from using Promolux specialty retail lighting.

The initial stage in the creation of an appropriate lighting design is the determination of how space will be used. Your lighting designer is then able to assess the required amount of light, quality of the color, its brightness and direction. It is a procedure that requires expertise and experience, but also one that can reap significant rewards for retail outlets such as bakeries. There are a various aspects associated with how an experienced and qualified professional approaches a retail lighting design.

One factor to be considered is that the lighting system will provide ambient illumination to meet orientation and generally needed tasks within the allocated space; taking into account needed illumination for localized and more demanding tasks. Accent illumination is designed to highlight particular objects or POS areas and attract consumers to them. An example of this part of the planning is the bakery display case lighting that you decide to install.

A general approach to lighting design is, having determined how a space will be utilized; the type of lighting plan that will best enhance the area will be reviewed. Usually, lighting provides a generally acceptable uniform light level across an illuminated space, whereas lighting that is localized, or supplemental, although similar in application, is designed towards defined objects in the lighted space.

Various research studies conducted have shown that consumers are primarily influenced by the color and appearance of an item they purchase. The degree to which this occurs has been estimated at up to 85% and why they prefer a particular brand of product to its competitor. However, the influence that can be exerted on consumer behavior patterns by color isn’t limited to the merchandise itself. During their shopping experience, the colors surrounding customers, can be greatly enhanced and influenced by a specialty bakery lighting design, which can also motivate their decision towards making a purchase.

Lighting is an important asset to any retail outlet, and especially a bakery, and impacts directly on the perception consumers have of your store windows and in-store presentation. The appropriate lighting design enables you to make crucial differences that will effectively attract new customers and help maintain existing ones.  In these highly volatile economic times; the bakery owner that has an established customer base is the winner.