Bakery Retail Shop Displays Make a Huge Difference

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Are you struggling to get your bakery business up and running? Have your business operations not flown smoothly ever since you opened the shop? Are you facing difficulty in making your baked goods appear attractive in front of potential customers? Then what you really need in your bakery outlet are high quality food display cases.

Understanding the customer’s psychology

As the owner of a bakery business, you need to pay attention to making your products look as tempting as possible. A lot of people may tell you that as long as the baked goods are delicious, you do not have to worry about how they look in the store. That is not true. Focusing only on producing delectable and scrumptious baked foods might please your kitchen staff and your loyal customers, but they will not be of much help in getting your business off to a flying start. To make the business work, you need to come up with clever ways to market your products and make them appear enticing to the eyes of the people who are passing by your store every single day. It is all about getting inside the mind of the customer and understanding the basic needs of the consumer.

The smell and the taste of baked goods

Most customers do not buy with their tongue, but rather with their eyes and their nose. This means that people will not generally purchase baked goods unless they look fantastic and smell great. As far as the aroma of your baked goods is concerned, that is something that you need to instruct your chief baker to work on. The looks department can be handled by you. To accentuate the visual appeal of your baked goods, the first thing that you need to do is get yourself some bakery display cases.

The purpose of a bakery display case


The bakery display case serves two very important purposes. The first reason to buy them is to improve the presentation of your baked goods. The beautiful layered shelving for display cases acts like a centerpiece for your bakery store. These cases take the aesthetic beauty of your baked goods up a notch and make them irresistible in the eyes of the consumers. For maximum effect, you need to align the baked items perfectly inside the bakery display case and make sure that the lighting is beautiful enough to highlight the finer details of your food.


The lighting brings us to the second purpose of a bakery display case, which is preservation. Did you know that your bakery display case lighting can actually have an impact on the quality of the food that is contained inside the case? In fact, the shelf life your baked goods can be extended or decreased depending on the kind of food display lighting you select.

Two types of bakery display lighting

Broadly speaking, there are two types of lighting that you can choose for your bakery display case. The first is ordinary showcase lighting and the second is specialty food safe lighting. Food safe lighting for your display case can often be found in the form of specialized merchandising lamps, such as those offered by Promolux Lighting.