How to Shop for Perfect Commercial Lighting for Your Bakery

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You’re finally setting up to open the bakery of your dreams but there are so many things to arrange. You need to find great employees, order stock, market your new business, and the list goes on. Searching for quality commercial lighting for your baked goods is the last thing that you want to be frantic about. Here is a short guide for you refer to in order to make your baked goods showcase lighting shopping a breeze.

Use lighting in your favor

Every new business wants to appeal to the masses. Drawing in new customers is a daunting challenge. With numerous other competitive cafes and bakeries in the industry, it is highly critical for your establishment to stand out from the others. Although lighting may seem like a minor facet, it can be a key component to the success of your business and your return on investment. Allow your company lighting to do some of the daunting work for you. Look for stunning and quality lighting with the ability to highlight the colors and textures of your baked goods, particularly in the display cases. Doing so will let your goods market themselves by drawing in curious pedestrians.

Achieve great bakery visuals through specialty lighting

As a bake chop owner, you should consider investing in bakery display case lighting that enhances the natural color of your goods and will allow them to appear their very best. Color, appearance, and how delectable your baked consumables appear is a primary deciding factor of how many people will stop and walk into your establishment. Due to a photochemical reaction, some bakery display lighting tends to distort the true colors of decorative cake and bakery displays, making icing and fruit toppings appear unappetizing. Use the lighting in your bakery display cases to visually heighten your goods by carefully researching and investing in a quality company that can guarantee colorful and clear display, without the distortion factor.

Beware of harmful effects on desserts caused by inferior lighting

The combination of oxygen and UV radiation from a typical bakery display case – which causes photochemical reactions – can also lead to other terrors that may offset the success of a new bakery. Decorative icing products that contain dairy ingredients are also susceptible to a chemical reaction sparked by light that causes whey proteins to degenerate and produce a foul burnt flavor. These chemical reactions can occur after just four hours of exposure to regular fluorescent lighting. In order to counteract this catastrophe, invest in a quality lighting company that has the technology to shield your baked goods, lowering the level of radiation that your consumables absorb. Promolux Lighting is a company that uses cutting edge technology to reduce the harmful effects of inferior display case lighting. Safely protected baked goods that are beautifully lit on display will get foot traffic through your door in no time!

Save money with energy efficient lighting

With a new start up bakery, not only is excitement underway; but so are the bills. Protect your brand new return on investment by trusting in the ability of a lighting manufacturer that cares about your cost of energy. Promolux Lighting is an example of a brand that is reputable and well functioning yet energy efficient. This will give the new business owner one less headache when the energy bill is due.

Use the commercial lighting of a reputable manufacturer to achieve a great overall visual of your establishment and goods to draw your new clientele in. Keep them coming back with the help of exceptional culinary visuals, achieved with the perfect lighting. Following these steps will assist your stressful yet potentially rewarding journey of opening and maintaining a successful bakery with the help of a highly overlooked yet significant detail: lighting.