Highly Effective Bakery Promotional Strategies

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Promolux LED commercial lighting provides adequate light that enhances the visual promotional elements present in a bakery store. The use of top-notch promotional strategies helps rising above challenges brought about by stiff competition in the bakery industry. Creating consistency through provision of fresh varying types of baked products such as different types of cakes, bread and other delicious pastry products is one of the ways of keeping customers coming back for more. However, enhanced visual marketing strategies create a welcoming environment for customers with a warm shopping experience. Increase sales of baked products in your bakery through the following highly effective strategies.

Themed product brands

The success of the bakery is hidden in well designed themed product brands that transform the bakery store into a mini-company. Themed brands become signature brands that make your bakery known far and wide. In order to make the signature brands known by your target community, engage in aggressive promotions through free sample gifts to supermarkets and major grocery stores who are not your competitors. Themed product brands become a pathway to sell the less popular cookies, cakes, bread and other items in the pastries. Use can make cakes for weddings, common bread for breakfast and special sweet bread for major seasonal celebrations to be part of your signature brands. These are must have baked commodities in families and lives of individuals. For successful display of signature items in the bakery store, design hanging signage with brand names, in a position well illumined with Promolux specialty LED bakery display case lighting.

Use of eco-friendly material

Due to increased environmental issues, people are aware of the importance of using eco-friendly products. Therefore, the use of eco-friendly lighting and packaging materials attracts customers and gives the clear indication that you care about their health and well-being. Eco-friendly packing materials for baked products add a psychological element of natural freshness of the item bought prompting the customers to come for more. For example, you can use recyclable packing materials for the products. In addition, replace the traditional fluorescent display case lighting with eco-friendly LED lighting for display cases. The LEDs are safe on food substances and the environment at large as they do not emit UV rays and other harmful elements such as mercury. Also, LEDs do not warm up in the process of producing light hence maintain room temperature that reduces bakery products wastage. The LEDs preserve the resources in the environment necessary for power generation as they are energy efficient.

Bakery display tactics

Great display tactics influence people’s decision to buy additional baked items from your bakery. Purchasing both dry and refrigerated display cases is a worthwhile investment that brings good profit returns in your baking business. To increase sales through product display, arrange the common loaves of bread in the shelves of dry display cases and the cakes in refrigerated cases. Use the color coding and sizes to arrange products in each category. Identify the trendy baked products such as cupcakes and mini-cakes that one can take a bite while walking, driving or riding and place them in baskets and mini display cases near the cashier counter. This will definitely promote impulse buying and bring extra profits. Ensure adequate lighting in the display cases and product shelf life extension using Promolux LED lamps in the bakery.

Create Attractive Cupcake Displays for all Seasons

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Promolux bakery display case lighting prolongs the shelf life of the displayed cupcakes making them fresh. Cupcakes are offered in different celebrations as a snack since they go well with special drinks. Baking different designs of cupcakes and displaying them to be relevant to specific common celebrations in people’s life is likely to make your bakery a stopover for a multitude of customers. Cupcakes makes celebrations memorable while eliminating the hustle involved in serving the cake to several invited guests. To succeed in a cupcake venture, it is important to come up with molds, decorations and stands that make your cupcakes appear fresh and delicious. Here are some ideas to help you display cupcakes relevant for all seasons.

Baby shower ideas

Baby showers are done both for twin and single babies. Providing cupcakes for a baby shower is likely to increase foot traffic customers into your bakery especially when targeting female customers. You can have a single face in a pea pod on the top of the cupcake for one baby. Alternatively, bake several cupcakes on a stand to form a cupcake tower with the topmost cupcake featuring the single face for one baby or two faces for the twins. Remember to use color coding according to the gender of the baby or babies. For example, for twin boys and one baby boy, you can use blue while for twin girl and a boy pink and blue color. For twin girls and a single baby girl, pink color decorations can be used. Cupcakes are delicate as the ingredients used have a short shelf life hence should be displayed in refrigerated display cases wide enough to accommodate the towers. Promolux specialty LED display case lighting highlights the theme of the cakes making them attractive.

Wedding cupcake tower

Displaying a wedding cupcake tower is a unique way to help customers break away from traditional round cake layers. A wedding cupcake tower can be designed with attractive patterns and colors that make the cake eye catching. Use a mixture of colors to suit the theme of the wedding. For instance, a white and black wedding cupcake tower, pink and blue, deep red and white, deep purple and white among other themes with charming colors are likely to attract huge sales. Also, bake cakes with uniquely designed cups and other decorative elements that make the displayed cake awesome. Place the complete wedding cupcake tower in a refrigerated wedding display case lit with Promolux LED dairy display case lighting. These energy efficient lights keep the color of icings and other cake decorations bright and ingredients fresh for a prolonged period of time.

Birthday cupcakes tower

Birthday cupcake tower is ideal for a birthday party for children and young adults. Each step of the tower can be designed to present a year and then several cupcakes should be arranged. The colors used to decorate the cupcakes and the entire tower should be relevant to the desired theme. Cupcakes with relevant messages can be included to enhance the design. Birthday cupcake towers should be displayed in a refrigerated display case illumined by Promolux LED food safe lighting. LEDs for grocery display cases consume minimal energy with little or no heat production that helps in keeping the cupcakes fresh while making the displayed birthday cupcake tower display breathtaking.

Essential Tips for Bakeries in High Altitude Regions

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High quality LED food display case lighting is essential to running a bakery in a high altitude region. Baked products are best consumed while soft but not dry. High altitude affects baked products making them dry and hard. The drying process of displayed cakes, bread and cookies is accelerated by use of traditional lights that releases high heat levels to produce light. The heat increases the temperature in the display case that when combined with the effects of high altitude leads to drying and hardening of baked products. In order to make soft, fresh and moist cakes, bread and cookies available for customers in high altitude regions, here are some essential operating tips for your bakery.

Prevent formation of leavening gases

The formation of leavening gases is common during the baking process in bakeries located in high altitude regions. Leavening gases occur when baking powder, yeast and baking soda mixed with other bread and cake making ingredients creates bubbles or water vapor. Leavening gases expand rapidly in high altitude regions making the cake or bread that is baking in the oven rise very fast and fall with the same speed. This may result in a flat or very dry and hard baked product. To avoid this, mix ice water and yeast for a successful bread making process. Ice water slows downs yeast reaction to the effects of low atmospheric pressure present in high altitude regions. Also, for best results of baked products, use decreased amount of flour with slightly high amount of water to prevent dryness of the final baked products. Use Promolux specialty LED display case lighting for attractive cakes and bread display under low temperatures that do not hasten the evaporation rate of the displayed products.

Use pans with center tube

When starting a bakery shop in high altitude region, it is advisable to invest in baking pans designed with a tube at the center. The tube supplies adequate heat to the central part of the baking cake or bread, resulting in a desired level of rising. The tube reduces the chances of the bread or cake falling and becoming flat. However, the presence of a center tube in the pan may interfere with the formation of the cake in terms of style as it leaves a round hole in the middle of the end product. Nonetheless, you can use the center tube to come up with unique cake and bread designs that sell your products. For example, you can use an angel cake pan to prepare cake with fresh fruit such as pineapples and apple pieces. You can also use cheese and other dairy products to create variety. To ensure that cakes, bread and cookies retain their natural flavors, it is important to arrange them in a bakery display case that is well lit with Promolux LED lighting for baked goods merchandising.

Increase moisture during baking

When baking bread in a high altitude region, it is advisable to increase moisture to prevent dryness. Increased moisture can be achieved during the baking process by placing a pan of boiling water under the baking bread. For best results, remove the pan with boiling water within the last twenty minutes of the baking process. In addition, consider using Promolux LED fresh food display lighting in the bread display case to prevent the loss of moisture.

Essential Food Display Cases to Have in Your Bakery

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High quality bakery display cases that provide increased food safety through the use of Promolux LED lighting are highly recommended for bakeries. When setting up a bakery business it is important to understand that people’s concerns about the effects of the lighting on food are real. LEDs have proven to be the most preferred lighting system for food display cases as they are eco-friendly, emit less heat, and promote the appearance of the products on display. In order to make the display of products in the bakery successful, it is a must to have LED supported dry and refrigerated display cases. These display cases have desirable features that bring out the best in the baked items while preserving their natural flavors.

Full size floor model display case

A full size floor model display case is ideal for cakes and cookies prepared using highly perishable ingredients. This case belongs to the refrigerated LED lighting supported category of bakery display cases designed to increase the life span of the baked products displayed. It is advisable to have an accurate estimation of the amount of products to be displayed at a time so as to choose the right sized case. For example, buying a single full size floor model refrigerated display case with a large carrying capacity is more economical than purchasing several small sized cases.


The full size floor model refrigerated display case is ideal for cakes and cookies prepared with dairy products. The following features make the display of cakes attractive while maintaining the freshness required of the displayed products:

Full glass or acrylic four sided

The display case is designed with transparent glass or acrylic material that forms the four walls. This makes the displayed products clearly visible from every corner of the bakery. To prevent rusting and staining at the corners, the display case has a wooden or stainless steel frame all around.

Digital refrigeration setting

This display case is ideal for bakery goods prepared with dairy products as it has a cooling system. The case is refrigerated with a digital system that facilitates constant temperature monitoring. For accurate temperature regulation within the case, it is advisable to use Promolux LED food display case lighting which enhances the appearance of products while emitting low or no heat at all. This reduces the cooling load in the display case, keeping products fresh all the time.

Accessible shelves

The display case has a maximum of three shelves that are accessible through the back and front case openings. The three shelves allow for creative display of cakes and cookies.

Floor and counter model dry bakery display case

The dry display cases are available as counter and full size floor models. The cases are not refrigerated which make them ideal for displaying bread, buns and cookies that are not highly perishable.


Full glass four sided design

Dry display cases are designed with four sides made of transparent glass material. The glass reveals the full appearance of the displayed bakery products.

Widely spaced shelves

Dry display cases for bakery items have three or more shelves that are well spaced. The shelves provide ample room for display of baked products in a creative manner. The spaces in between the shelves allow for adequate air circulation that helps to keep the products fresh. Use of Promolux specialty LED retail lighting helps in keeping the products safe and fresh for a longer period.

4 Elements of a Successful Bakery Store

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Guaranteeing increased food safety by using Promolux LED lighting in the bakery aisles and food display cases is an element of a successful bakery business. Use of LEDs assures the customers of food safety as the lights do not produce harmful ultraviolet rays and elements. Apart from the proper lighting system, there are other elements that bring about increased sale of baked products, thereby boosting your business. Use of commercial promotional strategies through adverts in different media platforms is one of the viable ways of letting the public know about the existence of your bakery store. However, there are other simple elements you can use inside the store to increase foot customer traffic in your store.

High quality food display cases

Choice of the proper bakery display cases for your baked goods is an element that brings about success in every bakery business. When running a bakery, you need to display the products in such a way that they attract customers from afar. The display cases play an important role of revealing the best of your baked products and keeping them safe and fresh. It is important to have both dry and refrigerated bakery display cases. In the dry display cases, craftily display baked products such as bread, donuts, muffins, and some types of cookies that have a long shelf life.

On the other hand, display cakes flavored with fresh fruits and dairy products in the refrigerated cases. To enhance the shelf life of perishable baked products, light up the refrigerated cases with specialty LED display case lighting. These lights make the colors and patterns of the displayed products appear vivid and fresh while keeping the temperature in the case low for prolonged product freshness.

Tactful display methods

Tactful display of the products in the display cases within the bakery store helps in capturing the attention of potential customers. Baked product display should be done to appeal to the psychological and visual senses of the buyer. A psychological sense of abundance is likely to influence a customer to impulse buy more baked products than initially intended. A sense of abundance is created by ensuring that the display cases are constantly filled with baked goods.

In addition, placing some small baskets full of delicious cookies near the cashier counter and along the paths within the bakery store sends a message of abundance to potential customers. Also, arranging products by their specific type, color and size makes the display appealing prompting customers to buy more. Make the displayed products appear with mouth watering freshness by using Promolux LED showcase lighting in the bakery display cases.

Proper lighting fixtures

Choice of proper light fixtures and fixing them in strategic places is an element that promotes sales in the bakery store. The freshness, appearance and shelf life of the products depends partially on the lighting system used in the store. Use of inferior fluorescent lighting may result to change in color of the displayed items while making them dry and hard. Other products baked using perishable ingredients are affected by heat produced by fluorescent light fixtures making them to become stale prematurely. Therefore, mount LED light fixtures in the display cases and the aisles for successful display and prolonged shelf life of the baked products.

Why You Need to Invest in High Quality Bakery Display Cases

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Experienced bakers will tell you that your baked goods should be able to sell themselves on the merit of their texture, taste and overall quality. However, it is important to remember that a bakery business will not run successfully unless you invest your time and resources in upgrading the presentation of your food. If your baked goods do not appear visually appealing, then most people will not be interested in making the purchase. This is why good quality bakery display cases are essential to the prosperity of any bakery business.

What kind of bakery display cases should you choose?

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to installing a food display case in your bakery outlet. The most common choice is the acrylic food display case. The reason why acrylic is preferred over other materials is because of how effective it is in retaining the freshness of food and preventing it from going bad. Acrylic is also known to shield baked goods from foreign contaminants.

When baked goods are exposed to foreign contaminants, they can get spoiled at a very rapid rate. You cannot afford to create any doubt in the customer’s mind about the freshness of your food. If there are repeated concerns about food hygiene in your bakery store, then customers will simply stop buying from you and make the switch to other bakery outlets that you are competing with. This is how bakery businesses struggle to survive, let alone thrive in the industry.

Features of a bakery display case

If you have a small bakery shop with limited space, then you might be reluctant to buy a food display case. It is commonly believed that bakery display cases eat up a lot of space and leave very little room for the customers and employees to roam around freely inside the bakery. However, when you take into account the importance of a bakery display case in the enhanced preservation and improved presentation of your food, you cannot rule out the idea of purchasing one for your bakery store.

This is where the varying features of bakery display cases can come in handy. Food display cases are available in a number of different sizes. If you are crammed for space inside your shop, then you can select one of the smaller bakery display cases available on the market. In certain bakery display cases, the internal trays are height adjustable. This will give you plenty of room to fit in baked goods of any size. You might also consider getting a food display case that has both front and rear doors. This opens the option of self service for your customers.

Bakery display case lighting

You need to be very selective about the bakery display case lighting. The display light plays an important role in the presentation of the food as well as its preservation. Using ordinary lamps to provide lighting for food can spell disaster. These lights are known to cause photodegradation, which is a process that results in the spoilage of baked goods and other food items. Instead of buying inexpensive ordinary lights, invest in food safe lighting by Promolux. They help you extend the shelf life of your products as well as make them more visually appealing.

Creative Christmas Cookie Display Ideas for Bakeries

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The Christmas season is a festive period that puts the customers in the spending mood. The use of promotional tactics to trigger impulse buying in customers can lead to increased sales and high profits during Christmas. Also, in this festive season, delicious cookies form part of a merry list, especially for kids. There are different ways of making cookies displays that will make customers rush to the display case and spend time admiring different types of cookies, some having a variety of captivating decorations. Here are some ideas for you.

Christmas cookie tree display

Creativity plays a major role in Christmas cookie displays in bakeries. Creating a Christmas cookies tree is a unique window display idea that makes the customers curious. In this case, select a standard structure of a Christmas tree. For hygiene purposes, it is advisable to get the one made of wooden or stainless steel rods. Study the structure of the tree and draw a specific display plan before baking the cookies. The display plan will guide you in baking cookies with shapes and colors that will help develop the tree fully. Once the baked cookies are ready, place them at strategic positions on the tree in a style that mimics a real tree. For example, you can bake some cookies with holes through which you will pass clean display strings to hang more cookies. Also, decorate some leaf-shaped cookies with green colors to mimic tree leaves, other round cookies yellow, orange and red to mimic the fruits. In order to bring out the different elements of the Christmas tree created by the cookies, illuminate the tree with Promolux specialty LED display case lighting.

Cookie bouquet

Cookie bouquets make come for great gifts for shoppers during Christmas. Baked products to be included in the bouquet should have a theme that suits the festive season. For this display to be successful, you can incorporate some ideas of themed display. To start with, identify ideal containers with the desired size and shape. The containers to be used to develop the bouquet should be transparent to reveal the displayed cookies adequately. Once the containers are ready, bake different sizes and shapes of cookies and decorate some with attractive colors. For example, bake some stars, crescents or come up with a combination of shapes that make a complete nativity scene. Place the cookies in the selected containers to be bought as gift packs. Display the containers full of cookies in display cases that are well lit with Promolux LED bakery lighting for enhanced appearance.

Winter scenes

Winter scenes are best for displaying deliciously decorated cookies in the bakery. The Christmas season is characterized by winter scenes with plenty of snow. In this case, draw a design of a winter scene that you wish to create using cookies. For instance, you can design a starry night of nativity or any other winter scene with the white icing to mimic falling snow that completes the intended scene. Create the ground or foundation using blocks of flat cookies, then design the snowman using round cookies with white icing and other required images. Crown the winter scene with decorations and fillings using different products such as pieces of fresh fruits, cheese and a mixture of eggs and icing. Cover the whole scene with plenty of white icing dropped at random. Use Promolux LED food safe lighting to keep the displayed winter scene fresh by extending the shelf life of the cookies.

3 Reasons to Use Specialty LED Food Display Lighting in Your Bakery

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The quality of lighting in your bakery will determine the success or failure of the business venture for baked items. You may be an expert in baking, with all the required equipment to run your business but if you use of inferior lighting in your display cases, you may spoil all your efforts. Buyers are attracted by fresh looking, well decorated cakes, cookies and bread. To achieve this, you need to have baking and decoration skills to come up with creative unique design. Sound cake display case management is important in order to grab customers’ attention while preventing wastage resulting from poor display practices.

Retains integrity of baked products

Different types of cakes are defined by the ingredients used that give each cake a specific flavor. In this case, one may decide to make a cake with vanilla or chocolate flavor. In order to make the cakes delicious, tasty fillings such as butter creams and pieces of fruits are added into the cake. To crown it all, a cake without icing and decorations is not considered complete. Once the cakes are complete, they should be arranged in the right food display cases depending on type, size and flavor. However, using lighting with high wavelength destroys the appearance, nature and flavor of the ingredients used for filling, which makes the cake appear less fresh. Promolux LED bakery display case lighting has low wavelength that preserves the ingredients in the case. Therefore, install LEDS in the display cases to prevent the cake fillings from hardening, icing and decorations from fading, and to sustain the cake’s natural flavor.

Eye catching displays

Make cookies, cakes and bread irresistible by using unique eye catching display methods. Ensure that for the cakes and cookies prepared with highly perishable ingredients are displayed in a refrigerated cake display case. To increase sales, use the shelves provided for displaying cakes, preferably arranging the small sized cakes on the uppermost shelves with the large decorated cakes occupying the lowest shelves. This makes all the cakes visible to customers from a distance. Adequate light in the display case makes the cakes appear fresh and bright. In order to have an eye catching product display that increases sales in your bakery, replace the heat emitting full spectrum fluorescent lighting with Promolux food display case LEDs, especially for the refrigerated cake display cases. LEDs keep the temperature in the display case low for prolonged product freshness while making the display appear splendid.

Extended shelf life

Most delicious baked products available in the bakery are prepared using dairy products such as butter, cream, milk and eggs. These products have limited shelf life, reduced further by exposure to heat. Display cases play an important role in making the products presentable to potential customers and acts as their safe storage. The presence of heat in the display case may result in premature spoiling of the products as the ingredients become stale. Use Promolux bakery display case lighting to keep displayed cakes, cookies and bread prepared using dairy products fresh for an extended period of time with their natural tasty flavor.