3 Reasons to Use Specialty LED Food Display Lighting in Your Bakery

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The quality of lighting in your bakery will determine the success or failure of the business venture for baked items. You may be an expert in baking, with all the required equipment to run your business but if you use of inferior lighting in your display cases, you may spoil all your efforts. Buyers are attracted by fresh looking, well decorated cakes, cookies and bread. To achieve this, you need to have baking and decoration skills to come up with creative unique design. Sound cake display case management is important in order to grab customers’ attention while preventing wastage resulting from poor display practices.

Retains integrity of baked products

Different types of cakes are defined by the ingredients used that give each cake a specific flavor. In this case, one may decide to make a cake with vanilla or chocolate flavor. In order to make the cakes delicious, tasty fillings such as butter creams and pieces of fruits are added into the cake. To crown it all, a cake without icing and decorations is not considered complete. Once the cakes are complete, they should be arranged in the right food display cases depending on type, size and flavor. However, using lighting with high wavelength destroys the appearance, nature and flavor of the ingredients used for filling, which makes the cake appear less fresh. Promolux LED bakery display case lighting has low wavelength that preserves the ingredients in the case. Therefore, install LEDS in the display cases to prevent the cake fillings from hardening, icing and decorations from fading, and to sustain the cake’s natural flavor.

Eye catching displays

Make cookies, cakes and bread irresistible by using unique eye catching display methods. Ensure that for the cakes and cookies prepared with highly perishable ingredients are displayed in a refrigerated cake display case. To increase sales, use the shelves provided for displaying cakes, preferably arranging the small sized cakes on the uppermost shelves with the large decorated cakes occupying the lowest shelves. This makes all the cakes visible to customers from a distance. Adequate light in the display case makes the cakes appear fresh and bright. In order to have an eye catching product display that increases sales in your bakery, replace the heat emitting full spectrum fluorescent lighting with Promolux food display case LEDs, especially for the refrigerated cake display cases. LEDs keep the temperature in the display case low for prolonged product freshness while making the display appear splendid.

Extended shelf life

Most delicious baked products available in the bakery are prepared using dairy products such as butter, cream, milk and eggs. These products have limited shelf life, reduced further by exposure to heat. Display cases play an important role in making the products presentable to potential customers and acts as their safe storage. The presence of heat in the display case may result in premature spoiling of the products as the ingredients become stale. Use Promolux bakery display case lighting to keep displayed cakes, cookies and bread prepared using dairy products fresh for an extended period of time with their natural tasty flavor.