Factors to Consider when Displaying your Baked Goods

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Eye catching retail displays of baked products leads to increased sales as well as a powerful marketing strategy that influences customers to purchase more. How you choose to display the products in your bakery will depend on the type, size, color and the ingredients used in developing them. These factors help in choosing the appropriate retail display case to be used and creative artistic display styles to make the products appear fresh and attractive.


Most baked products displayed in bakeries are decorated to enhance their appearance. Different types of cakes are decorated with icings that match themes such as birthdays, weddings or anniversary celebrations. Also, cookies are decorated to appear attractive especially to the kids during Halloween. When planning for products display, the ingredients used for decoration should be considered in order to retain their fresh appearance. It is advisable to display decorated cakes and cookies in a glass display case to prevent exposure to air that may lead to drying up and hardening of the decorations. In addition, decorated baked products should be displayed in a case lit with a specialty LED lighting system. Displaying decorated products under LED lighting eliminates chances of decorations fading and appearing less fresh.


The ingredients used to make baked products determine the mode of their display in the bakery. Products made with flour and baking soda, yeast or baking powder, have a longer shelf life. These products can be displayed on wooden shelves, propped shelves, baskets and other dry display cases. Products like common bread, doughnuts and cookies stay fresh for a prolonged period at room temperature.

On the other hand, baked products that were made using perishable ingredients such as cheese, eggs, fresh fruit filling, milk and other dairy products should be kept in refrigerated display cases. The temperature in the case should be regulated to prevent premature decay of the products. However, the use of fluorescent lighting in the display cases will result in higher temperatures that can make the displayed products stale. In order to extend shelf life of the baked products, it is advisable to replace the heat producing fluorescent lights with Promolux LED lighting for bakery display cases since they do not warm up to provide light.

Type, color and size

The type, size and color of the baked products determine the arrangement to be used in the display cases. Mixing different types of baked products should be avoided as it may bring about confusion while making some products invisible. Though different types of products may be displayed in the same dry or refrigerated display case, each category should occupy a shelf. The small sized products such as doughnuts, roll bread, cupcakes and other cookies should occupy the upper shelves in the display cases. The secret of coming up with eye catching product display is to use Promolux lighting for bakery display cases. In this case, baked products with the same colors should be arranged on the same side while creating the transition with products having a different color. Promolux lamps bring out the true colors making the products appear brighter and fresh.