The Importance of Specialty Food Lighting in Your Bakery Store’s Presentation

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The words “shopping experience” have become in many shopping circles, a stock phrase. However, for the consumer, it relates to the primary differences between the ultra-convenience of online shopping and the personalized visits to a local store. But, the question must still be asked as to what, in fact, is a real shopping experience and how can bakery owners and managers improve it.

When relating a shopping experience to the retail environment, it revolves around the presentation of your products in the most enhanced and visible way. This is generally achieved; for example, by premium bakery display cases and their positioning, as well as well-designed lighting effects, optimized to produce the ideal product presentation.

Every bakery owner is conscious of the need to be ahead in the retail marketing and promotion game. To maintain a leading store position and those ever demanding and increasing bottom line results; it is crucial that a store creates the best possible shopping experience for its customers, in which a complete bakery display case lighting system plays a prominent role.

Professional lighting specialists, such as Promolux, have in-depth experience regarding how lighting influences consumers perception of various products. Detailed research information has been gathered and assessed related to how consumers react to certain lighting environments and the atmosphere they generate. This includes making comparisons between a cold blue light-emitting diode (LED) and a warm yellow LED.

If this factor is related to, for instance, bakery display case lighting it would be seen that regardless of the presented packaging color or the gender of the consumer; food products were appraised on a more negative basis in the cold blue light than in the warm yellow light. These reactions were associated with product quality, attraction, and the surmised taste, showing that lighting can influence the overall evaluations of products by consumers. At the same time, it is valuable research that emphasizes the challenges confronting store owners.

It is a fact that many retailers fail to take into consideration the crucial influences of effectively designed in-store lighting related to the creation of a brand identity. In certain cases, only the technical aspects of lighting are taken into account, whereas, with some specialized planning, an in-store environment can be designed to provide greater interaction with customers.

With the advantages offered by innovative lighting for overall store lighting enhancement, any retail outlet, irrespective of size, can become an attractive and enjoyable shopping experience for consumers. With the influence of designed lighting, the in-store environment, and displayed products can be enhanced, which in turn motivates customers to stay longer and buy more products in greater quantities.

Lighting is a critical factor in providing an identity to space. It has the ability to create an environment and atmosphere that will appeal to a particular and desired segment of consumers. This can be related to a sense of opulence, such as in boutiques stores, or generate a sensation of product bargain values. It could be a question for store owners and consumers’ of just seeing the light.