Why Bakeries Must Use Specialty LED Lighting for Their Retail Displays

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What entices customers to enter a bakery is the aroma of freshly baked cakes, cookies and breads. For a bakery, the taste and smell of their products is vital. However, the visual presentation and physical environment should get almost equal emphasis. This is because consumer buying behavior is heavily influenced by the visual appeal of food. Especially for bakery items, it is essential to pay attention to how the food looks.

Bakers and bake shop owners will make sure the frosting sits right and the bread is smooth and soft but an equally important factor is to ensure consistent and high quality lighting in the bakery. There is no strict rule regarding what kind of light bakeries should install. However, Promolux specialty LED lighting for bakeries is the best option as it helps to maintain a clean look to the outlet.

In addition to bakery display cases being well-lit and nicely decorated to make the products look more attractive. While this is an important part of business, it is also critical to install high quality LED lighting in the outlet and kitchen.

First, spend some time on choosing an attractive display case with proper display lighting. Then, the installation of lighting in the other places of the bakery should be carefully planned. The intention is to make the customers feel that it is a comfortable and happy environment.

After realizing the importance of illuminating different sections of the bakery store, you have to choose a type of light. Even though it is a little more expensive than regular lighting, specialty LED lighting for bakery displays is the best way to go. Below is a list of why Promolux LEDs are winning over everyone’s heart:

  • True color of product is visible
  • The lights have a long-life.
  • Replacement is quite easy.
  • The return on investment is great
  • It functions great in cold temperature and releases less heat
  • It does not emit UV rays
  • They are dimmable and allow perfect color-matching

In terms of bakery display case lighting, color, intensity and the overall environment created are very important.

As previously stated, Promolux LED lighting provides a clean look. It is advisable to use the same kind of bulbs in the bakery display case as it ensures consistency and helps reach full visual potential. These LEDs are known to reveal true color of items. Therefore, customers will view your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, buns and breads under the best quality light available on the market. Intensity is another great feature as the lights are dimmable. So, you can reduce and increase the intensity depending on your demand.

Finally, you must create an environment using good LED lighting so that your customers enjoy their experience. Another factor to consider is that good lighting can improve employees’ efficiency. Along with bakery display case lighting and rest of the store, work on the production area. Baking is a productive work. Your pastry chef needs great lighting to produce beautiful items for your store. Proper lighting will help to work easily and it will also keep the work environment comfortable.

So, if you are looking to enhance the lighting in your bakery, Promolux LED lighting for bakery merchandising is the best option available. It will increase efficiency and sales effectively.

How to Display Your Bakery Items the Right Way

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With the amount of diligent hours spent preparing, baking, setting, and displaying all those baked goodies, running a bakery is an arduous task. However, no matter how the tantalizing aroma of your freshly baked cupcakes waft out the store, how luxuriantly flaky your pastry is, or how sinfully decadent that chocolate glazed cake appears, your baked goods need an extra splash of color to stand out and draw in customers like magnets.

Your baked items should look “good enough to eat” to garner the visual appeal from passersby and customers. Attractive display cases, incorporating topnotch bakery display case lighting, can render a pleasant charm to your products and allow you to glean the biggest return from your business.

Choose the right display case

Attractive displayed cases are incorporated by bakeries to present their items in the best possible style and ambiance. Obtaining a beautiful display case, decked out with pertinent showcase lighting, is indispensable before you plan to sell your bakery retail items to your customers.

You can either opt for a refrigerated bakery display case or a dry bakery display case, depending on the items that you offer. Dry bakery display cases are used for products that need no refrigeration, such as pastries, bread, biscuits, and buns. On the other hand, desserts or pastries incorporating fresh dairy components, such as fruit, custard, or whipped cream topping entails the baker to store them in a refrigerated holding place.

These high end items contain highly perishable ingredients that are highly sensitive to temperature or lighting and prone to go bad. Thus, if these refrigerators are outfitted with regular display lights, which emit high levels of IR and UV radiation, especially in the UV-B and UV-A range, all your efforts would go the drain.

These emissions enhance the surface temperature of food – leading to accelerated spoilage, and increasing the rate at which the products will lose their freshness, emit unpleasant odor, and discolor. Only LED display case lighting systems are deemed appropriate for exposure to perishable items.

In addition, baked items that enclose meat or cheese must also be refrigerated, such as cheese and ham croissants. Bakery display cases are imperative for storing baked products in a clean, secure environment until an eager, famished patron does them justice. Both types of display cases supply a protected method of high-volume merchandising to ensure the goodness, freshness, and flavor of your products.

Careful use of lighting

Proper lighting makes an item appear more appetizing to a consumer. Most bakery display cases incorporate built-in LED display case lighting to highlight and accentuate the goods by augmenting their colors and attractiveness. Although lighting is one of the most indispensable components to get right, over or under lighting can ruin the exquisiteness of your products.

Lighting should be ample enough to allow customers to distinguish colors and textures without straining their eyes. However, steer clear of bright hanging light fixtures since they may wash out the items under too vibrant light.

In addition, such light sources also exude excessive radiant heat, thus disturbing the consistency of your goods, drying them out, warming them, or even spoiling them. Instead try to use ambient Promolux LED lights to showcase your products, while increasing their shelf life and preserving their quality.

How to Increase your Bakery’s Profile (and Profits) with Better Lighting

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In these days of volatile economies and ever-increasing operational costs, the need to attract and keep customers has become a critical issue. Accordingly, for an established or a new retail bakery outlet, an important key to a successful and profitable enterprise is getting consumers into your stores and ensuring they stay there.

A significant amount of time and energy is expended on the appropriate design for a particular retail outlet, or chain. However, all this effort and the expense attached to it can be wasted in the event of the incorrect store lighting for a bakery display case being installed. It is a crucial issue for the design and workmanship projected into establishing a modern retail store, to combine in creating an overall enhancement, which is directed at a previously determined consumer base.

As all retail stores inevitably have different characteristics, they will attract different levels and types of consumers. A particular example is bakery lighting being selected according to the type of merchandise that is promoted by the store, taking into consideration the category of customers who will be attracted to that specific store. An outlet designed for high traffic volume should utilize sufficient lighting formation to draw customer attention to determined points of sale and specific areas.

Retail store owners and managers should ensure there are no darkened areas or corners that may attract the attention of consumers. The professional experts in bakery display case lighting, such as Promolux, have the experience in creating an environment that attracts and maintains consumer interest and also helps the shopper-loyalty factor with repeat business. Further and sometimes neglected criteria may arise when floor plans are updated, but the question of upgrading the lighting is ignored, or forgotten.

In previous eras, interior design and the associated lighting were handled separately, but today, the awareness is towards enlisting specialists in the particular fields to gain maximum consumer impact. As the degree of industry competitiveness grows, many and varied brands compete for customers on every marketing level. The importance of basic branding elements, like graphic and interior design, online awareness and bakery display cases, as well as audio visual elements, all assume in many instances, critical proportions.

It has become essential for brands to target all the senses of consumers, and accordingly, this philosophy is transferred to the retailer outlets in which the products are sold. Lighting, in its many and varied forms, has been proven to have a direct influence on our moods, with over 80% of sensory information received by the brain originating from our vision. It is a factor that has become increasingly relevant with the evolution in bakery lighting design. In the past, there were limited options, with lighting being restricted to ceiling, walls and occasionally, free-standing.

New technologies such as LED display cases now allow lighting to be fully incorporated into any interior or architectural elements. Whereas, in the past, lighting within units was a rare occurrence and resulted in various compromises, related to size and quality of the technology available. Today, retail stores have retail outlet enhancement and resultant increased profits, conveniently within their grasp.