How to Display Your Bakery Items the Right Way

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With the amount of diligent hours spent preparing, baking, setting, and displaying all those baked goodies, running a bakery is an arduous task. However, no matter how the tantalizing aroma of your freshly baked cupcakes waft out the store, how luxuriantly flaky your pastry is, or how sinfully decadent that chocolate glazed cake appears, your baked goods need an extra splash of color to stand out and draw in customers like magnets.

Your baked items should look “good enough to eat” to garner the visual appeal from passersby and customers. Attractive display cases, incorporating topnotch bakery display case lighting, can render a pleasant charm to your products and allow you to glean the biggest return from your business.

Choose the right display case

Attractive displayed cases are incorporated by bakeries to present their items in the best possible style and ambiance. Obtaining a beautiful display case, decked out with pertinent showcase lighting, is indispensable before you plan to sell your bakery retail items to your customers.

You can either opt for a refrigerated bakery display case or a dry bakery display case, depending on the items that you offer. Dry bakery display cases are used for products that need no refrigeration, such as pastries, bread, biscuits, and buns. On the other hand, desserts or pastries incorporating fresh dairy components, such as fruit, custard, or whipped cream topping entails the baker to store them in a refrigerated holding place.

These high end items contain highly perishable ingredients that are highly sensitive to temperature or lighting and prone to go bad. Thus, if these refrigerators are outfitted with regular display lights, which emit high levels of IR and UV radiation, especially in the UV-B and UV-A range, all your efforts would go the drain.

These emissions enhance the surface temperature of food – leading to accelerated spoilage, and increasing the rate at which the products will lose their freshness, emit unpleasant odor, and discolor. Only LED display case lighting systems are deemed appropriate for exposure to perishable items.

In addition, baked items that enclose meat or cheese must also be refrigerated, such as cheese and ham croissants. Bakery display cases are imperative for storing baked products in a clean, secure environment until an eager, famished patron does them justice. Both types of display cases supply a protected method of high-volume merchandising to ensure the goodness, freshness, and flavor of your products.

Careful use of lighting

Proper lighting makes an item appear more appetizing to a consumer. Most bakery display cases incorporate built-in LED display case lighting to highlight and accentuate the goods by augmenting their colors and attractiveness. Although lighting is one of the most indispensable components to get right, over or under lighting can ruin the exquisiteness of your products.

Lighting should be ample enough to allow customers to distinguish colors and textures without straining their eyes. However, steer clear of bright hanging light fixtures since they may wash out the items under too vibrant light.

In addition, such light sources also exude excessive radiant heat, thus disturbing the consistency of your goods, drying them out, warming them, or even spoiling them. Instead try to use ambient Promolux LED lights to showcase your products, while increasing their shelf life and preserving their quality.