How to Increase your Bakery’s Profile (and Profits) with Better Lighting

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In these days of volatile economies and ever-increasing operational costs, the need to attract and keep customers has become a critical issue. Accordingly, for an established or a new retail bakery outlet, an important key to a successful and profitable enterprise is getting consumers into your stores and ensuring they stay there.

A significant amount of time and energy is expended on the appropriate design for a particular retail outlet, or chain. However, all this effort and the expense attached to it can be wasted in the event of the incorrect store lighting for a bakery display case being installed. It is a crucial issue for the design and workmanship projected into establishing a modern retail store, to combine in creating an overall enhancement, which is directed at a previously determined consumer base.

As all retail stores inevitably have different characteristics, they will attract different levels and types of consumers. A particular example is bakery lighting being selected according to the type of merchandise that is promoted by the store, taking into consideration the category of customers who will be attracted to that specific store. An outlet designed for high traffic volume should utilize sufficient lighting formation to draw customer attention to determined points of sale and specific areas.

Retail store owners and managers should ensure there are no darkened areas or corners that may attract the attention of consumers. The professional experts in bakery display case lighting, such as Promolux, have the experience in creating an environment that attracts and maintains consumer interest and also helps the shopper-loyalty factor with repeat business. Further and sometimes neglected criteria may arise when floor plans are updated, but the question of upgrading the lighting is ignored, or forgotten.

In previous eras, interior design and the associated lighting were handled separately, but today, the awareness is towards enlisting specialists in the particular fields to gain maximum consumer impact. As the degree of industry competitiveness grows, many and varied brands compete for customers on every marketing level. The importance of basic branding elements, like graphic and interior design, online awareness and bakery display cases, as well as audio visual elements, all assume in many instances, critical proportions.

It has become essential for brands to target all the senses of consumers, and accordingly, this philosophy is transferred to the retailer outlets in which the products are sold. Lighting, in its many and varied forms, has been proven to have a direct influence on our moods, with over 80% of sensory information received by the brain originating from our vision. It is a factor that has become increasingly relevant with the evolution in bakery lighting design. In the past, there were limited options, with lighting being restricted to ceiling, walls and occasionally, free-standing.

New technologies such as LED display cases now allow lighting to be fully incorporated into any interior or architectural elements. Whereas, in the past, lighting within units was a rare occurrence and resulted in various compromises, related to size and quality of the technology available. Today, retail stores have retail outlet enhancement and resultant increased profits, conveniently within their grasp.