How Bakery Owners can Use Lighting to Attract More Consumers

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How to attract customers is probably one of the questions asked by a bakery owner that is most difficult to answer. Obviously, there is the usual advertising media, promotions and visually pleasing storefront windows; but, how does a particular baked goods outlet make their business window outstanding in its environment? Furthermore, how can this retailer be confident that it will attract consumers to the extent they want to enter the store?

Like moths, consumers are attracted to light and color and, therefore, professionally designed lighting must be regarded as an important direct impact tool for potential customers and the initial perception they gain from your store window. Appropriately designed window illumination can be highly effective and, when supported with specialty bakery display case lighting from Promolux, you have a recipe for not only attracting consumers into your store, but, turning them into buying customers.

Various studies conducted have shown that consumers are attracted by dynamic lighting, and which can contribute towards drawing their attention to determined Points of Sale (POS). This is achieved by slight variations in the lighting levels of the displayed merchandise. Whether for a storefront window or for the bakery display cases, your store becomes a greater and more tempting place of interest for curious consumers. Lighting specialists can fine-tune color contrast in your store to create visual impacts that enhance its inherent features and present impact product visibility.

Customer-friendly atmospheres can be established that encourage and motivate them to explore interesting and appealing baked products. It introduces new customers to a unique shopping experience, while at the same time, further reinforcing loyalty in your established customer base.

Specific lighting can be utilized for different store areas or product ranges; for example confectionery, pastries and bread among others. Adding color definition to a display will enhance and give added visual stimulation, as well as being useful in influencing the customers’ perception. For additional atmosphere and enhancement, an LED (light-emitting diode) system, enables the creation of different atmospheres at various times, such as products on display, or the time of day.

Attracting attention to your bakery and its products is a business criterion and lighting, if utilized correctly and to its best advantage, is an obvious asset. However, it is always wise to enlist the help of professional lighting specialists, such as Promolux, as you would not wish the completed effects to resemble a fairground environment. Lighting is a powerful and positive asset, but if not applied properly and appropriately, it could produce an adverse effect. Therefore, it is a question of applying the correct balances, such as those between your bakery display case lighting and front store window.

The human eye is extremely sensitive to changes and, within its field of view, every light differential is noticed immediately, even if a person is not looking directly towards it. Development and marketing for retailers do not stand still and it could therefore, be regarded as crucial that to gain maximum benefit from bake shop lighting, your customers must be treated to an eye-catching and stimulating shopping experience.