A Guide to Purchasing the Right Bakery Display Case

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Running a bakery can be difficult at times. After all, it’s not easy baking all those goods and then finding a way to sell them. However, buying the right bakery display case is a brilliant way to enhance visual appeal and lure potential customers and passersby. Here’s your guide to purchasing the right bakery display case to display your baked goods.


Do not just consider the size of your store while purchasing a bakery display case. Keep in mind that some baked goods have a short shelf life so you are better off with a smaller case at first. This will not only help you save some money but also space and energy.


Bakery display case lighting plays an important role in showcasing your baked goods. Keep in mind, simply using ordinary lighting for your display cases can have detrimental effects on the quality of your products. Most bakery products have a short shelf life but using proper display lighting can reduce photo degradation, discoloration and increase the shelf life of your baked goods. Therefore, make sure you use food safe bakery lighting. Your best bet is using the LED lamps made by Promolux Lighting. Promolux’s lighting helps perishable baked goods look better and increases their shelf life by 50%.

Promolux LED lighting emits minimal levels of damaging radiation, which helps your baked goods look as good as new. To boost your sales, it is recommended that you give specialty bakery lighting a try as it can have an enormous impact on your sales. Using different forms of specialized lighting helps create a unique shopping experience for your customers. This stimulates customer satisfaction and encourages them to purchase your products.


Opt for shelves that offer maximum visibility of all products. You wouldn’t want some of your goods to remain unsold just because they weren’t visible to your customers. Choose display cases that offer tiered shelving. Opt for glass shelves as it allows LED lights to filter throughout the bakery display case.


When it comes to purchasing the right bakery display case, you have two main styles to choose from: the straight glass and the curved glass. This is your choice. You can choose your favorite style according to the look you prefer for your business. Just make sure the style you choose enhances the effect of LED lights.


Depending on the items you want to sell, you can choose from two basic types of refrigeration: forced air and gravity coil.

  • Forced Air: As the name indicates, forced air systems rely on fans for circulating cold air throughout the display case. Forced air systems are commonly used for prepackaged goods and bakery items.
  • Gravity Coil: Gravity coil systems often rest at the top of the cabinet, circulating cold air to the products. This system is commonly used for display cases meant for salads, seafood, raw meats and other deli products that need moisture.

So, keep all these points in mind and you will be able to select the right bakery case.