How Lighting Influences Your Bakery’s Visual Appeal

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Lighting in its various forms is an integral part of our lives and its influence is felt in every type of environment, including your bakery. It is a crucial aspect in the overall design that attracts passing trade, provides an incentive to enter your store and is a persuasive tool in consumer buying behavior. Various research studies have revealed that lighting in a store, professionally designed and installed to meet the previously stated criteria, will give positive results with increased sales and profit.

Within the retail outlet spectrum, lighting does not only provide overall illumination for the store and its products but, is a highly valued and productive part of your brand image. Depending on the image and message, you want to convey to consumers, will determine the nature of the lighting installed in your outlet. This configuration will extend to specific areas within your store, including your bakery display cases.

It is recorded that retailers who have gained an understanding as to the value of specialty lighting for merchandising are the most successful in the retail industry. It could be founded on the premise by consumers, of being what they see, is what you are. Business today is in many instances a question of survival and it is a general consensus that a retailer who struggles is one who has failed to associate retail sales with creative store lighting.

Appropriately designed lighting in your bakery, with effective illumination such as specific bakery lighting as an element, will determine the atmosphere for customers. Most importantly, it will also encourage them to browse in the different sections of the bakery and spend more time viewing different products which, could ultimately result in extra sales. Added motivation to purchase is given to consumers by the strategic positioning of highlighted promotional and discounted products.

Other advantages and benefits of lighting to consumers and you as a bake shop owner or manager are many and varied. Among them is the enhancement of the overall store appearance and its products and their increased visibility factor. With the selling power of bakery display cases, there is a consumer perceived added value to the products, as well as a positive security aspect, greater staff incentive because of their working environment, resulting in higher productivity.

When considering a new lighting design, or upgrading the existing one, it must be directed towards your target market. This is where specialist lighting designers such as Promolux can help you define the type of lighting that will best meet the needs of your particular retail outlet, including bakery showcase lighting. You should find yourself in a position, able to outline the functionality of every light in your retail outlet, even with different and specific lighting installed for different product sections.

A particular example could be specific lighting denoting confectionery and promotional products, such as new merchandise. Lighting is a critical factor in showcasing your products, but many retailers forget that it is a significant influence in defining their store and their image.