Creative Christmas Cookie Display Ideas for Bakeries

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The Christmas season is a festive period that puts the customers in the spending mood. The use of promotional tactics to trigger impulse buying in customers can lead to increased sales and high profits during Christmas. Also, in this festive season, delicious cookies form part of a merry list, especially for kids. There are different ways of making cookies displays that will make customers rush to the display case and spend time admiring different types of cookies, some having a variety of captivating decorations. Here are some ideas for you.

Christmas cookie tree display

Creativity plays a major role in Christmas cookie displays in bakeries. Creating a Christmas cookies tree is a unique window display idea that makes the customers curious. In this case, select a standard structure of a Christmas tree. For hygiene purposes, it is advisable to get the one made of wooden or stainless steel rods. Study the structure of the tree and draw a specific display plan before baking the cookies. The display plan will guide you in baking cookies with shapes and colors that will help develop the tree fully. Once the baked cookies are ready, place them at strategic positions on the tree in a style that mimics a real tree. For example, you can bake some cookies with holes through which you will pass clean display strings to hang more cookies. Also, decorate some leaf-shaped cookies with green colors to mimic tree leaves, other round cookies yellow, orange and red to mimic the fruits. In order to bring out the different elements of the Christmas tree created by the cookies, illuminate the tree with Promolux specialty LED display case lighting.

Cookie bouquet

Cookie bouquets make come for great gifts for shoppers during Christmas. Baked products to be included in the bouquet should have a theme that suits the festive season. For this display to be successful, you can incorporate some ideas of themed display. To start with, identify ideal containers with the desired size and shape. The containers to be used to develop the bouquet should be transparent to reveal the displayed cookies adequately. Once the containers are ready, bake different sizes and shapes of cookies and decorate some with attractive colors. For example, bake some stars, crescents or come up with a combination of shapes that make a complete nativity scene. Place the cookies in the selected containers to be bought as gift packs. Display the containers full of cookies in display cases that are well lit with Promolux LED bakery lighting for enhanced appearance.

Winter scenes

Winter scenes are best for displaying deliciously decorated cookies in the bakery. The Christmas season is characterized by winter scenes with plenty of snow. In this case, draw a design of a winter scene that you wish to create using cookies. For instance, you can design a starry night of nativity or any other winter scene with the white icing to mimic falling snow that completes the intended scene. Create the ground or foundation using blocks of flat cookies, then design the snowman using round cookies with white icing and other required images. Crown the winter scene with decorations and fillings using different products such as pieces of fresh fruits, cheese and a mixture of eggs and icing. Cover the whole scene with plenty of white icing dropped at random. Use Promolux LED food safe lighting to keep the displayed winter scene fresh by extending the shelf life of the cookies.