Why You Need to Invest in High Quality Bakery Display Cases

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Experienced bakers will tell you that your baked goods should be able to sell themselves on the merit of their texture, taste and overall quality. However, it is important to remember that a bakery business will not run successfully unless you invest your time and resources in upgrading the presentation of your food. If your baked goods do not appear visually appealing, then most people will not be interested in making the purchase. This is why good quality bakery display cases are essential to the prosperity of any bakery business.

What kind of bakery display cases should you choose?

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to installing a food display case in your bakery outlet. The most common choice is the acrylic food display case. The reason why acrylic is preferred over other materials is because of how effective it is in retaining the freshness of food and preventing it from going bad. Acrylic is also known to shield baked goods from foreign contaminants.

When baked goods are exposed to foreign contaminants, they can get spoiled at a very rapid rate. You cannot afford to create any doubt in the customer’s mind about the freshness of your food. If there are repeated concerns about food hygiene in your bakery store, then customers will simply stop buying from you and make the switch to other bakery outlets that you are competing with. This is how bakery businesses struggle to survive, let alone thrive in the industry.

Features of a bakery display case

If you have a small bakery shop with limited space, then you might be reluctant to buy a food display case. It is commonly believed that bakery display cases eat up a lot of space and leave very little room for the customers and employees to roam around freely inside the bakery. However, when you take into account the importance of a bakery display case in the enhanced preservation and improved presentation of your food, you cannot rule out the idea of purchasing one for your bakery store.

This is where the varying features of bakery display cases can come in handy. Food display cases are available in a number of different sizes. If you are crammed for space inside your shop, then you can select one of the smaller bakery display cases available on the market. In certain bakery display cases, the internal trays are height adjustable. This will give you plenty of room to fit in baked goods of any size. You might also consider getting a food display case that has both front and rear doors. This opens the option of self service for your customers.

Bakery display case lighting

You need to be very selective about the bakery display case lighting. The display light plays an important role in the presentation of the food as well as its preservation. Using ordinary lamps to provide lighting for food can spell disaster. These lights are known to cause photodegradation, which is a process that results in the spoilage of baked goods and other food items. Instead of buying inexpensive ordinary lights, invest in food safe lighting by Promolux. They help you extend the shelf life of your products as well as make them more visually appealing.