4 Elements of a Successful Bakery Store

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Guaranteeing increased food safety by using Promolux LED lighting in the bakery aisles and food display cases is an element of a successful bakery business. Use of LEDs assures the customers of food safety as the lights do not produce harmful ultraviolet rays and elements. Apart from the proper lighting system, there are other elements that bring about increased sale of baked products, thereby boosting your business. Use of commercial promotional strategies through adverts in different media platforms is one of the viable ways of letting the public know about the existence of your bakery store. However, there are other simple elements you can use inside the store to increase foot customer traffic in your store.

High quality food display cases

Choice of the proper bakery display cases for your baked goods is an element that brings about success in every bakery business. When running a bakery, you need to display the products in such a way that they attract customers from afar. The display cases play an important role of revealing the best of your baked products and keeping them safe and fresh. It is important to have both dry and refrigerated bakery display cases. In the dry display cases, craftily display baked products such as <https://www.promolux.com/applications/food-retail-displays/bakery/donuts-muffins-pastries-in-grocery-store-bakery-cabinets/” target=”_blank”>bread, donuts, muffins, and some types of cookies that have a long shelf life.

On the other hand, display cakes flavored with fresh fruits and dairy products in the refrigerated cases. To enhance the shelf life of perishable baked products, light up the refrigerated cases with specialty LED display case lighting. These lights make the colors and patterns of the displayed products appear vivid and fresh while keeping the temperature in the case low for prolonged product freshness.

Tactful display methods

Tactful display of the products in the display cases within the bakery store helps in capturing the attention of potential customers. Baked product display should be done to appeal to the psychological and visual senses of the buyer. A psychological sense of abundance is likely to influence a customer to impulse buy more baked products than initially intended. A sense of abundance is created by ensuring that the display cases are constantly filled with baked goods.

In addition, placing some small baskets full of delicious cookies near the cashier counter and along the paths within the bakery store sends a message of abundance to potential customers. Also, arranging products by their specific type, color and size makes the display appealing prompting customers to buy more. Make the displayed products appear with mouth watering freshness by using Promolux LED showcase lighting in the bakery display cases.

Proper lighting fixtures

Choice of proper light fixtures and fixing them in strategic places is an element that promotes sales in the bakery store. The freshness, appearance and shelf life of the products depends partially on the lighting system used in the store. Use of inferior fluorescent lighting may result to change in color of the displayed items while making them dry and hard. Other products baked using perishable ingredients are affected by heat produced by fluorescent light fixtures making them to become stale prematurely. Therefore, mount LED light fixtures in the display cases and the aisles for successful display and prolonged shelf life of the baked products.