Essential Food Display Cases to Have in Your Bakery

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High quality bakery display cases that provide increased food safety through the use of Promolux LED lighting are highly recommended for bakeries. When setting up a bakery business it is important to understand that people’s concerns about the effects of the lighting on food are real. LEDs have proven to be the most preferred lighting system for food display cases as they are eco-friendly, emit less heat, and promote the appearance of the products on display. In order to make the display of products in the bakery successful, it is a must to have LED supported dry and refrigerated display cases. These display cases have desirable features that bring out the best in the baked items while preserving their natural flavors.

Full size floor model display case

A full size floor model display case is ideal for cakes and cookies prepared using highly perishable ingredients. This case belongs to the refrigerated LED lighting supported category of bakery display cases designed to increase the life span of the baked products displayed. It is advisable to have an accurate estimation of the amount of products to be displayed at a time so as to choose the right sized case. For example, buying a single full size floor model refrigerated display case with a large carrying capacity is more economical than purchasing several small sized cases.


The full size floor model refrigerated display case is ideal for cakes and cookies prepared with dairy products. The following features make the display of cakes attractive while maintaining the freshness required of the displayed products:

Full glass or acrylic four sided

The display case is designed with transparent glass or acrylic material that forms the four walls. This makes the displayed products clearly visible from every corner of the bakery. To prevent rusting and staining at the corners, the display case has a wooden or stainless steel frame all around.

Digital refrigeration setting

This display case is ideal for bakery goods prepared with dairy products as it has a cooling system. The case is refrigerated with a digital system that facilitates constant temperature monitoring. For accurate temperature regulation within the case, it is advisable to use Promolux LED food display case lighting which enhances the appearance of products while emitting low or no heat at all. This reduces the cooling load in the display case, keeping products fresh all the time.

Accessible shelves

The display case has a maximum of three shelves that are accessible through the back and front case openings. The three shelves allow for creative display of cakes and cookies.

Floor and counter model dry bakery display case

The dry display cases are available as counter and full size floor models. The cases are not refrigerated which make them ideal for displaying bread, buns and cookies that are not highly perishable.


Full glass four sided design

Dry display cases are designed with four sides made of transparent glass material. The glass reveals the full appearance of the displayed bakery products.

Widely spaced shelves

Dry display cases for bakery items have three or more shelves that are well spaced. The shelves provide ample room for display of baked products in a creative manner. The spaces in between the shelves allow for adequate air circulation that helps to keep the products fresh. Use of Promolux specialty LED retail lighting helps in keeping the products safe and fresh for a longer period.