Essential Tips for Bakeries in High Altitude Regions

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High quality LED food display case lighting is essential to running a bakery in a high altitude region. Baked products are best consumed while soft but not dry. High altitude affects baked products making them dry and hard. The drying process of displayed cakes, bread and cookies is accelerated by use of traditional lights that releases high heat levels to produce light. The heat increases the temperature in the display case that when combined with the effects of high altitude leads to drying and hardening of baked products. In order to make soft, fresh and moist cakes, bread and cookies available for customers in high altitude regions, here are some essential operating tips for your bakery.

Prevent formation of leavening gases

The formation of leavening gases is common during the baking process in bakeries located in high altitude regions. Leavening gases occur when baking powder, yeast and baking soda mixed with other bread and cake making ingredients creates bubbles or water vapor. Leavening gases expand rapidly in high altitude regions making the cake or bread that is baking in the oven rise very fast and fall with the same speed. This may result in a flat or very dry and hard baked product. To avoid this, mix ice water and yeast for a successful bread making process. Ice water slows downs yeast reaction to the effects of low atmospheric pressure present in high altitude regions. Also, for best results of baked products, use decreased amount of flour with slightly high amount of water to prevent dryness of the final baked products. Use Promolux specialty LED display case lighting for attractive cakes and bread display under low temperatures that do not hasten the evaporation rate of the displayed products.

Use pans with center tube

When starting a bakery shop in high altitude region, it is advisable to invest in baking pans designed with a tube at the center. The tube supplies adequate heat to the central part of the baking cake or bread, resulting in a desired level of rising. The tube reduces the chances of the bread or cake falling and becoming flat. However, the presence of a center tube in the pan may interfere with the formation of the cake in terms of style as it leaves a round hole in the middle of the end product. Nonetheless, you can use the center tube to come up with unique cake and bread designs that sell your products. For example, you can use an angel cake pan to prepare cake with fresh fruit such as pineapples and apple pieces. You can also use cheese and other dairy products to create variety. To ensure that cakes, bread and cookies retain their natural flavors, it is important to arrange them in a bakery display case that is well lit with Promolux LED lighting for baked goods merchandising.

Increase moisture during baking

When baking bread in a high altitude region, it is advisable to increase moisture to prevent dryness. Increased moisture can be achieved during the baking process by placing a pan of boiling water under the baking bread. For best results, remove the pan with boiling water within the last twenty minutes of the baking process. In addition, consider using Promolux LED fresh food display lighting in the bread display case to prevent the loss of moisture.