Create Attractive Cupcake Displays for all Seasons

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Promolux bakery display case lighting prolongs the shelf life of the displayed cupcakes making them fresh. Cupcakes are offered in different celebrations as a snack since they go well with special drinks. Baking different designs of cupcakes and displaying them to be relevant to specific common celebrations in people’s life is likely to make your bakery a stopover for a multitude of customers. Cupcakes makes celebrations memorable while eliminating the hustle involved in serving the cake to several invited guests. To succeed in a cupcake venture, it is important to come up with molds, decorations and stands that make your cupcakes appear fresh and delicious. Here are some ideas to help you display cupcakes relevant for all seasons.

Baby shower ideas

Baby showers are done both for twin and single babies. Providing cupcakes for a baby shower is likely to increase foot traffic customers into your bakery especially when targeting female customers. You can have a single face in a pea pod on the top of the cupcake for one baby. Alternatively, bake several cupcakes on a stand to form a cupcake tower with the topmost cupcake featuring the single face for one baby or two faces for the twins. Remember to use color coding according to the gender of the baby or babies. For example, for twin boys and one baby boy, you can use blue while for twin girl and a boy pink and blue color. For twin girls and a single baby girl, pink color decorations can be used. Cupcakes are delicate as the ingredients used have a short shelf life hence should be displayed in refrigerated display cases wide enough to accommodate the towers. Promolux specialty LED display case lighting highlights the theme of the cakes making them attractive.

Wedding cupcake tower

Displaying a wedding cupcake tower is a unique way to help customers break away from traditional round cake layers. A wedding cupcake tower can be designed with attractive patterns and colors that make the cake eye catching. Use a mixture of colors to suit the theme of the wedding. For instance, a white and black wedding cupcake tower, pink and blue, deep red and white, deep purple and white among other themes with charming colors are likely to attract huge sales. Also, bake cakes with uniquely designed cups and other decorative elements that make the displayed cake awesome. Place the complete wedding cupcake tower in a refrigerated wedding display case lit with Promolux LED dairy display case lighting. These energy efficient lights keep the color of icings and other cake decorations bright and ingredients fresh for a prolonged period of time.

Birthday cupcakes tower

Birthday cupcake tower is ideal for a birthday party for children and young adults. Each step of the tower can be designed to present a year and then several cupcakes should be arranged. The colors used to decorate the cupcakes and the entire tower should be relevant to the desired theme. Cupcakes with relevant messages can be included to enhance the design. Birthday cupcake towers should be displayed in a refrigerated display case illumined by Promolux LED food safe lighting. LEDs for grocery display cases consume minimal energy with little or no heat production that helps in keeping the cupcakes fresh while making the displayed birthday cupcake tower display breathtaking.