Highly Effective Bakery Promotional Strategies

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Promolux LED commercial lighting provides adequate light that enhances the visual promotional elements present in a bakery store. The use of top-notch promotional strategies helps rising above challenges brought about by stiff competition in the bakery industry. Creating consistency through provision of fresh varying types of baked products such as different types of cakes, bread and other delicious pastry products is one of the ways of keeping customers coming back for more. However, enhanced visual marketing strategies create a welcoming environment for customers with a warm shopping experience. Increase sales of baked products in your bakery through the following highly effective strategies.

Themed product brands

The success of the bakery is hidden in well designed themed product brands that transform the bakery store into a mini-company. Themed brands become signature brands that make your bakery known far and wide. In order to make the signature brands known by your target community, engage in aggressive promotions through free sample gifts to supermarkets and major grocery stores who are not your competitors. Themed product brands become a pathway to sell the less popular cookies, cakes, bread and other items in the pastries. Use can make cakes for weddings, common bread for breakfast and special sweet bread for major seasonal celebrations to be part of your signature brands. These are must have baked commodities in families and lives of individuals. For successful display of signature items in the bakery store, design hanging signage with brand names, in a position well illumined with Promolux specialty LED bakery display case lighting.

Use of eco-friendly material

Due to increased environmental issues, people are aware of the importance of using eco-friendly products. Therefore, the use of eco-friendly lighting and packaging materials attracts customers and gives the clear indication that you care about their health and well-being. Eco-friendly packing materials for baked products add a psychological element of natural freshness of the item bought prompting the customers to come for more. For example, you can use recyclable packing materials for the products. In addition, replace the traditional fluorescent display case lighting with eco-friendly LED lighting for display cases. The LEDs are safe on food substances and the environment at large as they do not emit UV rays and other harmful elements such as mercury. Also, LEDs do not warm up in the process of producing light hence maintain room temperature that reduces bakery products wastage. The LEDs preserve the resources in the environment necessary for power generation as they are energy efficient.

Bakery display tactics

Great display tactics influence people’s decision to buy additional baked items from your bakery. Purchasing both dry and refrigerated display cases is a worthwhile investment that brings good profit returns in your baking business. To increase sales through product display, arrange the common loaves of bread in the shelves of dry display cases and the cakes in refrigerated cases. Use the color coding and sizes to arrange products in each category. Identify the trendy baked products such as cupcakes and mini-cakes that one can take a bite while walking, driving or riding and place them in baskets and mini display cases near the cashier counter. This will definitely promote impulse buying and bring extra profits. Ensure adequate lighting in the display cases and product shelf life extension using Promolux LED lamps in the bakery.