Some Popular Product Ideas for Your Bakery

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Promolux LED bakery display case lighting is the most convenient way to go when starting a bakery with varying products. LEDs are suitable for displaying baked items that include cakes, cookies, bread and other pastries. These lights enhance the display of the products while keeping them fresh for a prolonged period of time. In fact, customers are attracted to the bakery to make purchases by the fresh aroma perceived from outside your bakery and being met by the sight of irresistible fresh products. Bakery shops with freshly baked cakes, bread and cookies are likely to record increased sales compared to stores selling packed products with preservatives. Here are some popular bakery product ideas that you can use to create a shop full of fresh baked items.


Bread forms part of essential food for a breakfast meal in many households. Freshly baked bread is delicious and goes well with dairy products such as milk and sometimes eggs. Most buyers prefer soft fresh bread that they can prepare and serve in varying styles for a family breakfast. In order to increase sales in the bakery shop, make different sizes of standard loaves of bread and varying shapes of roll bread to meet customers’ needs. Baking different shapes and sizes of bread gives customers access to enough bread for a family breakfast, lunch pack and picnic pack idea. Once the varying types of bread are fully baked, display the big loaves on the display shelves, the small sized roll bread in display baskets while the medium sized bread is neatly arranged on the upper shelves of the display case. Ensure that the bread display baskets and cases are placed under Promolux specialty LED retail lighting to boost their appearance.


Introducing a section for pastries is a great idea that increases sales as customers keep coming for more. Pastries are baked products with added sweetness and flavor from butter, shortening, sugar and eggs. The flavor of the products in the pastry can be enhanced by adding finely cut dry pieces of fresh fruit in the mixture or as filling ingredients. When introducing a section for pastries in the bakery store it is advisable to invest in refrigerated display cases that keep the products fresh for long. For example, on one side of the upper display case shelves you can arrange the small sweet desserts and quiches on the other side. On the other shelves, you can neatly arrange the croissants, bagels and Danish pastries. To adequately showcase the products in the pastry section, use Promolux LED specialty display case lighting for pastries that extends the shelf life of perishable products.


A bakery shop without a section for special types of cakes loses out on greater sales. Life presents us with countless celebrations whose meaning is crowned by serving cakes. Venture in making sweet cupcakes with varying decorations, themed cakes for different celebrations and small sized cakes for individual consumption. Due to the use of milk, eggs and cheese in the case, it is advisable to display cakes in a refrigerated showcase. In the same way that Promolux’s LED lighting for fresh meat display cases does not change the color of the displayed meat, the specialty LED retail lighting used for decorated cakes prevent the fading of icing and other decorations while keeping cakes fresh for long.