Why to Use Specialized Lighting in Your Bakery

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One of the most difficult challenges for any retailer is the creation of a positive and comfortable experience for their consumers, from arrival to check-out. The proper utilization of retail lighting offers many and varied advantages to any type of retail outlet, irrespective of the merchandise being promoted. For example, it can help turn ordinary cakes and bread displays into appealing and desirable buying impulses.

There is a general misconception regarding how lighting display specialists like Promolux can, with the appropriate lighting, transform a normal shopping chore, into an anticipated experience for consumers. With the ability and resources available, lighting solutions can enhance, change and give your bakery a new identity and retail life. There is a variety of bakery lighting concepts available to retailers, which must be reviewed in order to achieve your ambitions by way of enhancing your customers’ environment and shopping experience.

Utilization of available space, product selection, and the lighting factor are primary considerations in a shopping experience. LED lighting (Light-Emitting Diode) is incorporated into a lamp, or a globe, in lighting fixtures. It is an innovation that has the capacity to change the usual, bland bakery display cases and their contents, into something special with consumer appeal. Lighting specialists such as Promolux have the knowledge and experience to provide the LED fixtures and lamps, designed to meet your specific application requirements, with customized, enhanced retail lighting solutions.

Specialized bakery lighting is capable of producing an enormous impact on retail outlets and, if structured correctly, it can be the influence between a successful, customer appealing business and one that is just ordinary. Various styles of lighting are able to create different shopping experiences for consumers, and to meet the simple, common goal for retailers of attracting customers. It is a formula that meets the objectives of the retailer and crucially, the consumer, by giving increased profits, stimulated with a great shopping experience.

Although it can be argued this is a position achievable by attractive marketing promotions, techniques, and discounts, these may be regarded as short-term sales strategies. For any business with long-term ambitions and sales growth, advantages for consumers must be foremost; for example, with bakery display case lighting.

Creative lighting has the power to provide definition and enhancement to an entire retail outlet, but it can also be a deterrent to potential customers by being dimly illuminated and forbidding. An appropriately lighted entrance alone arouses curiosity and encourages customers to enter. Various statistics show that, upon entering a store, consumers often direct their attention to the left, then right and proceed to navigate in a counter-clockwise direction. Awareness of consumers’ shopping habits is essential, as is bakery lighting, to make their shopping experience with you a convenient and enjoyable one.

With the appropriate lighting, an environment and atmosphere can be created that tempts customers to extend their stay in the store and even encourage impulse buying. Specialty retail lighting creates a pleasant, shopping ambiance in which customers can relax and be encouraged to browse, by well-illuminated product displays and shelving.