The Importance of Food Safety in Bakeries

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Running a bakery is not child’s play. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to make a bakery store thrive in the intensely competitive food industry. If you fail to get off to a flying start, your bakery business may never run as smoothly as you may have imagined it. One of the main areas where bakery business owners falter is food safety.

Ensuring food safety in bakery outlets has its own set of special requirements and features. Consumers who purchase baked goods are very meticulous about the nutritional value and the healthiness of such items. If you fail to meet certain basic standards of food safety and hygiene, then your bakery business will be in serious danger. If you persist in not paying attention to food safety equipment and measures, then your bakery store will soon go out of business.

In order to prevent such a disaster, you need to learn about important food safety considerations for all bakeries and baked goods sections. Here are some key areas that you should focus on.

Controlling pests

Pest control may sound like a silly matter, but it can actually be a problem of epic proportions. How embarrassing would it be for your customer to find the remains of a cockroach in a cupcake that they have purchased from your shop? Or how big of a blow would it be for your bakery’s reputation if a customer spots a creepy crawler inside your bakery display case? Incidents like these are not only humiliating, but they can pose a major threat to the survival of your business. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have invested sufficient resources in a proper pest control management system.

Employee hygiene

The employees, especially those who are directly involved in the manufacturing, processing and handling of baked goods, should follow a strict protocol that guidelines basic hygiene and cleanliness requirements. Employees should wear protective clothes and have their heads and hands covered when in direct contact with the food. They should be equipped in protective clothing even when they are touching the display cases. Employees should also be discouraged from wearing accessories such as ornaments or rings that pose a risk of food contamination.

Food safe lighting

Using ordinary lights for bakery display cases can have a number of detrimental effects on the quality of your baked goods. Exposure to intense lights leads to discoloration, photo degradation and reduction in the shelf life of food. All of these conditions can lead your business incurring financial losses due your negligence towards the harmful effects of inferior bakery display case lighting. Under such circumstances, your best option is to ensure that you use food safe lighting.

You can use Promolux lamps for this purpose since these emit minimal levels of the damaging visible spectrum and ultraviolet radiation. In fact, Promolux lamps can increase the shelf life of your baked goods by 50%.