How to Keep a Bakery Display Case Sparkling Clean

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Promolux lighting for fresh bakery merchandising provides adequate light that highlights baked products displayed in them. However, bakery products can only sell if they are produced and displayed in a clean environment. Maintaining the cleanliness of the display cases is essential as customers are likely to have faith in your business hence making more purchases. Remember that a well lit display case, especially those made with acrylic and glass material, will reveal the items displayed plus any dust, untidy crumbs and rust present. Therefore, following simple display case cleanliness steps is essential in keeping off dust, rust and crumbs. Keep the display cases in your bakery sparkling clean, using the tips below.

Spray dust before displaying products

In order to keep the display cases dust free, routine spraying of the case with a dust repelling glass cleaner is highly recommended. Even if you had cleaned the display cases on the previous evening, you need to remove any existing dust before placing new products in the morning. In this case, get the dust repelling glass cleaner and spray the inner part of the case. After spraying, get a lint free towel and carefully wipe the interior and exterior parts of the display case. Once sure that no dust particles are present, arrange the baked items on the shelves using the color coding method to make the display attractive. Turn on your Promolux LED lighting for eye catching display appearance.

Daily thorough cleaning

Display cases are prone to dust, crumbs and oils from the baked products. At the end of the day, display cases are likely to have a combination of moisture, crumbs, grease and dust that makes it dirty and unfit for product display. To avoid this accumulation, it is advisable to clean the display cases every day. At the end of the day, remove all the baked products displayed in the cases for a thorough cleaning exercise. Turn off the lighting system used in the display and wipe out all the small crumbs.

At this stage avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals as they might ruin the material while making the case unfit for food display. Once the crumbs and other particles are out, wipe the sides of the case with wet clean lint free microfiber cloth. Using a dry lint free cloth, wipe the entire display case dry. Leave the case open to prevent moisture formation and promote dryness for product display the following day. For refrigerated cases, put on the cooling system soon after cleaning and arrange the products for preservation overnight. Turn on the LED food display lighting, which you can leave on as it does not produce heat and its energy consumption is low.

Regular display case wiping

Display cases are touched regularly as people admire the baked products while choosing the ones they want to buy. Constant touching of the glass case to point at the desired product and when removing them leaves greasy fingerprint marks. If these marks are unchecked, they make the display case appear increasingly dirty and unclear. To avoid this, it is advisable to assign a staff member to regularly wipe the case with a clean-dry microfiber cloth. Wiping should be done after every three hours or depending on the amount of customers that go through the bakery store. By using Promolux LED supermarket showcase lighting, you can easily highlight existing marks for prompt cleaning.